Author: Joseph Gonzalez

Improve Your Art In Three Days

The moment I peeled the tape off I understood which direction it should go you’re talking about in art that’s allowed your oak you feel you can do that absolutely it’s not frowned upon but again in in in science one of the ways you can form a question is by pushing something to its limit and seeing what happens it’s the key ways you learn about what something can do when I was teaching myself cooking and I was whipping cream for whipped cream you know it said to wait until there’s Peaks okay oh that looks like a peak great and then the next question I had was what’s the bandwidth here so I kept whipping in seconds.


later I had butter I was like okay so there’s my bandwidth now I know got push you always have to push past the thing in order to understand where your where your sweets but it it really sounds like you go through the world of the lens of curiosity and what what are the algorithms are going your head as you go about your day god I don’t know what are the questions you’re asking yourself as your as your whether you’re e doing something in art or science um I’m always asking well I’m it turns out that yeah that when you said in the beginning about being a storyteller is really true I’m mostly interested in telling stories whether it’s with our whether it’s with science whether it’s in interviews whether it’s whatever it is that.

I’m doing I’m interested in the story arc I’m deeply addicted to the narrative arc and so I’m always interested in what story what I’m doing fits into I’ve always liked to know the big picture so and that story changes you know so right now I’m doing all these drawings of a piece that I’m Working on and I haven’t done tons of drawings before and so I’m thinking how these drawings will fit into the final display of this piece how what they will do that’s that’s that’s the main line of inquiry how does this fit into the bigger picture you talk about drawing it’s something we talked about on the podcast actually if it’s a skill like drawing where you don’t have a lot of experience with it how do you jump.

The Miracle Of Art And Business

what we’re gonna do here see that that mission oak driver looks good no one does the mission no key driver like this anymore we’re like they always do it it’s just like a body slam it’s supposed to be like a spike no one outside anyone does that right anymore hi didn’t hide it right I remember Don’t know why I remember that damn why do I remember that move or that that theme.

song that’s crazy diamond cutter I guess for now we cause that as one of them running strike okay we’ll just do the fro because that seems to be a popular move from the from my career head attack I’m trying to look for something that could be like the Justice we all really have anything sandlot we don’t really have we don’t have anything a lot that we had uses the Justice that sucks they don’t have a lot of different stuff therefore that either from the rear[Music]now it did the pretty er from the rear for now until.

we unlock more stuff forth Arsenal it’s just like that’s not we can’t really do anything about it I want to do no damn snap mare I want to do like I got down piled right hell yeah I want a driveler want a pile driver for a regular move we’re Odie in jumpiness pile driver even better yeah Hate that I can’t do I wanted to uh Wanted I don’t I want to do like ridiculous moves like I want holidaymaker as like one of my regular moves again these are just regular-regular ass moves I’m trying to have ridiculous move set stomach breaker whew just rip the ohm across the overpowering whip oh nice um I also do the fisherman duplex toenail.

punch yes we don’t need to mess with that too much but right now we’re kind of we don’t really have too much that we can do for this we’ll change it up because I do want to use the I do want to use the Firefly but we don’t have no launches so we got to work on getting our grapple up all right now let’s go back get save here do not touch no touch alright let’s head on back baby storyteller everyone know what’s gonna hit him no more there might what is this what are all.